are you a domme?

Yes. I only do femdom. I have dabbled in vanilla and other fetish here and there in the past but now I am exclusively offering femdom content and experiences.

did you used to go by a different name?

Yes! For as long as I have been working I have had a Princess persona and also done occasional voice work under a different persona and I kept everything separate. It ended up making more sense both mentally and financially for me to join everything together and when I made that decision I also started to drop the persona all together and go by Jaclyn. 2020 may have been a clusterfuck but it brought you Jaclyn. Your favorite Princess. Your favorite sadist.

do you have a slave application?

No. All of my slaves have found me through either clips or phone calls. Becoming a slave is something that needs to be earned through worship, time and loyalty. If you want to be a slave you will purchase content and serve me in the ways that should be obvious to you. Slavery will naturally develop and a relationship can be defined at that point.

when are you online?

You can follow my twitter at http://www.twitter.com/xoworshipjaclyn to keep up to date with when I’m available. I am not available often so my time gets booked up quickly. You can also check my home page for my current filming & availability schedule.


where do i start?

My preferred clip site is http://www.iwantjaclyn.com. So follow that link and purchase the clips that catch your attention. Follow along to the rules of interactive clips, engage, get my attention.